UK Cabinet Office deploys Aerohive for its employees

UK Cabinet Office has selected Aerohive Networks to overhaul the Office’s legacy IT infrastructure to enable modern, flexible ways of working for its employees.

The Cabinet Office has deployed Aerohive’s wireless solution in all of its buildings and replaced an end-of-life outsourced IT service.

Additionally, Aerohive’s wireless solution has reduced the need for infrastructure cable and enables more productive and collaborative ways of working.

This apart, Aerohive has been selected for its scalable and flexible approach to Wi-Fi.

The company said Aerohive will deliver better connectivity and provide a greater choice of collaborative tools and the freedom to be more mobile with devices.

Aerohive networks

In addition, the Cabinet Office has deployed Aerohive because of its controller-less architecture as well as its support for private cloud and on-premise management systems.

“Selecting Aerohive to provide access points for a flexible, scalable and secure wireless network is an important step towards creating an environment fit for the modern day worker,” said Phil Keeley, principle sales engineer, Aerohive Networks.

In May, Barracuda Networks and Aerohive Networks announced the products which automate communication of wireless security policies between devices to reduce costs and improve efficiencies for customers.

Also in April, Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) deployed Aerohive’s controller less network solution which will provide Wi-Fi access to over 110,000 students and 18,000 faculty across 174 schools while replacing Meru technology.

Shilpa Khatri

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