Turkish Airlines taps Juniper Networks for networking upgradation

Infotech Lead Europe: Turkish Airlines has upgraded its network and standardized on Juniper Networks’ portfolio of software, switching, security and routing products.


Turkish Airlines expects to save over $18 million over the next five years as a result of lower telecom, maintenance and support costs.


Turkish Airlines leveraged Juniper Networks to deliver cost savings of approximately $9.5 million in five years in employee resources, $6 million in telecommunication costs and $3.1 million in support services.


Adnan Metin, head of IT, Turkish Airlines, said standardizing on an integrated Juniper-based network infrastructure has enabled the airlines to simplify operations radically and reduce costs while improving security, performance and scalability.


Turkish Airlines said Juniper’s network infrastructure provides simplified, centralized and secure remote management of its 300 sales offices around the world and support for its voice and data applications including reservations and ticket sales.


The airline also consolidated all of its distributed servers into a centralized single server farm located at its headquarters in Istanbul, enabling the airline to standardize its systems, increase its bandwidth and simplify the management of its remote services.


Mike Marcellin, senior vice president, strategy and marketing, Platform and Systems Division, Juniper Networks, said to survive in the competitive global airline industry, large carriers like Turkish Airlines must ensure that their customers experience a high level of service reliability from their sales organizations.


Turkish Airlines migrated all of its lines including voice, data and Internet connections to ADSL and VDSL broadband with 3G backup using Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways, EX Series Ethernet Switches and the CX111 Cellular Broadband Data Bridge.


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