TrialStat deploys Pure Storage FlashArray and Evergreen Storage subscriptions

Pure Storage announced that TrialStat Corporation has adopted Pure Storage FlashArray and Evergreen Storage subscriptions to speed clinical trial research and enable always-on data management services for its customers.
Pure Storage for business technology
Loading a page of data on Pure Storage is 300 times faster than on TrialStat’ storage solution, having a load time of 3-5 seconds per page. TrialStat now experiences page load times in the milliseconds.

This saves researchers hours of time. The speed of FlashArray and capacity freed up by TrialStat’s 11:1 data deduplication speeds clinical trial research, and enables TrialStat to dedicate time to new developer innovations over storage maintenance.

TrialStat’s ability to deliver on its uptime guarantee is also a critical differentiator. Clinical trials run every day, worldwide. By leveraging Pure’s Evergreen Storage subscription, TrialStat is able to upgrade with no disruptions and expand its Pure infrastructure when needed.

“Storage is a competitive advantage for TrialStat, supporting clinical trials running 24/7 with real-time data access and reporting, and an uptime guarantee,” Chris Hamelin, President, TrialStat, said.

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