Toshiba unveils new generation power efficient transistor arrays

Toshiba America Electronic Components has unveiled a new generation of power efficient transistor arrays that feature a double-diffused MOSFET (DMOS FET) type output driver.

The new array, TBD62xxxA series succeeds the company’s TD62xxxA series of bipolar transistor arrays.

Toshiba has redesigned the transistor array products to achieve the high efficiency needed for general power-intensive industrial applications.

Company officials said the new drivers do not require base current biasing and virtually eliminating the input current.

TBD62xxxA can handle high current density per device area with relatively low on-resistance unlike previous generation products.

The new DMOS FET arrays feature high-voltage, high-current drives with a maximum output block rating of 50V/0.5A.

Company officials said each individual series is compliant with the VIN(ON) standard according to the appropriate input stage of the circuits.

The product fulfill various need including, user-friendly dual-inline package (DIP), surface-mounted small outline package (SOP/SOL), and space-saving small SSOP (0.65mm pitch).

The first release of the TBD62xxxA arrays will include 24 products differentiated by channel count, sink or source current capability, and power requirements.

These include the TBD62003A and TBD62004A series (7-ch outputs); the TBD62083A and TBD62084A series (8-ch outputs), which are suited to drive the inductive load of motors and relays by incorporating common diodes.

The TBD62502A and TBD62503A series (7-ch outputs), is suited for driving LED and level shift circuits.

The new product will be used in home appliances, industrial equipment and amusement equipment.

Mass production across the full lineup of TBD62xxxA arrays is scheduled for June through September 2015.

Few weeks ago, Toshiba launched the addition of a new microcontroller (MCU), TMPM46BF10FG to ARM Cortex M4F processor.

Last month, Toshiba unveiled JEDEC e-MMC (Embedded MultiMediaCard) version 5.1 compliant embedded NAND flash memory product supporting command queuing and secure write protection.

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