Toshiba shares storage strategy to gain market share

Toshiba on Monday said it is planning new strategy to expand HDD market share to more than 20 percent in 2016.

The company also aims to gain more than a 30 percent share of market of SSD (SAS interface) for data centers in 2016.

Toshiba in a statement said it is considering the storage business as a strategic focus area, alongside energy and healthcare.

The company said it will expand market share by increasing the capacity of HDD.

Toshiba will gain market share in enterprise SSD by utilizing advantages of in-house NAND flash memory and expanding line-up for high speed processing storage at data centers.

The Japanese IT vendor said it will expand into value-added business area such as software for storage systems and solution (appliances), etc. as a way to further expand and improve the profitability of the storage products business.

It is estimated that data generated worldwide will expand to reach 44 zettabytes in 2020 annually.

Toshiba said it is the sole company able to deliver all storage products for clients and enterprises, such as NAND, SSD and HDD.

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