Toshiba and NTT Communications announce Cloud alliance

Toshiba and NTT Communications today announced their Cloud alliance.

There are two elements to the alliance.

In the first part, Toshiba’s data-center and cloud-computing services will be provided to customers by NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud, a self-manageable, virtual private cloud, and data centers.

The infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will be provided in North America and Asia from April, and then expanded to Europe thereafter.

Toshiba, which has provided data-center and cloud-computing services primarily to domestic companies in Japan, will now use NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud to provide data-center and cloud-computing services to enable enterprise customers to expand and manage their operations.

As per the second part, Toshiba has begun supplying NTT Com with storage systems that are now being used in selected parts of the Enterprise Cloud environment. NTT Com intends to further strengthen its cloud services with Toshiba’s advanced technologies for storage and related storage services.

Toshiba storage

Enterprise Cloud, which offers cloud computing resources and VPN connections, is accessible via NTT Com’s global network, which reaches 196 countries and regions and offers over 150 secure data centers worldwide. Enterprise Cloud connects directly to the network services of communication carriers to enable customers to freely control server infrastructure in 8 countries and 10 locations from customer portals.

Meanwhile, NTT Communications has expanded its global IP network footprint with a new point-of-presence (PoP) in Luxembourg, one of the fastest-growing markets for Internet-related business in Europe.

NTT Com will provide IPv4/IPv6 dual stack access via its extensive Tier-1 IP network to domestic providers of Internet services (ISPs), content (ICPs), foreign companies providing Internet-related services in that market. NTT Com will deploy the new IP PoP at LuxConnect’s DC2, a 21,000-square-meter, Tier IV facility located in Bissen, Luxembourg. The PoP will be ready for customer service by the end of March 2014.

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