Toshiba launches MCU for secure communication

Toshiba America Electronic Components has announced the addition of a new microcontroller (MCU), TMPM46BF10FG to ARM Cortex M4F processor.

The new MCU is designed for secure communications control.

The MCU incorporates 514 Kbyte SRAM for secure communication control, four types of security circuits for network communication and a single level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory controller for memory expansion.

The TMPM46BF10FG MCU supports SLC NAND Flash memory controller and incorporates 4- and 8- bit error correction circuit (BCH ECC) to detect and correct errors by hardware.

ARM Cortex M4F core is operable up to 120 MHz and operating voltage ranges from 2.7V to 3.6V. The MCU can be connected to an SLC NAND Flash memory with capacity ranging from 4Gb to 1Gb, said Toshiba.

The IC has the watchdog timer that operates along with a built-in clock separate from the system clock. Even if the system clock malfunctions, the watchdog timer can detect an error.

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The new TMPM46BF10FG MCU is hosted in a LQFP100 package (14mm x 14mm x 0.5 mm pitch).

The IC also incorporates an encryption/decryption circuit (AES:FIPS197 standard), Hash function generation circuit (SHA: FIPS180-4 standard) and random speed generation circuit (ESG).

In addition, encryption/decryption process is mainly processed by hardware, reducing the load on the CPU.

The IC also implements a true random number generator (TRNG: SP800-90C standard) through the combination of the random seed generation circuit and Hash-DRGB created by the hash function generation circuit and the software program.

This achieves the robust security function that is required in network communications.

Sample shipments of the TMPM46BF 10FG has started and mass production is scheduled to start in October 2015.

Last month, Toshiba launched application processor targeting Internet of Things (IoT) and introduced additions to its TZ1000series of ApP Lite processor.

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