Toshiba demonstrates memory and storage solutions

Toshiba America Electronic Components will showcase its new memory and storage solutions at Santa Clara Convention Center from August 11-13, 2015.

Toshiba will display the latest in 3D Flash Memory and SSD technology with presentations on topics like SSD storage trends, the evolving needs of enterprises/data centers, choosing the best interfaces for specific applications and more.

The company said it will also highlight its newly launched TLC 3-bit-per-cell 256Gb memory, the next generation of BiCS FLASH.

The 3D flash memory solutions enhance the reliability of write/erase endurance, boost write speeds and are suited for a range of high density applications including consumer electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops as well as SSDs and enterprise applications.

In addition the company will also showcase world’s first 16-die stacked NAND flash memory utilizing TSV technology which delivers high-performance and low-power solution.

The company will highlight 12Gbit/s SAS PX04S Series of enterprise SSDs with random read IOPS of 270,000 along with three new families of NVMe, PCIe SSDs.


Company officials said PCIe devices leverage low latency and power efficiency to deliver SSD performance for applications like high performance notebooks, thin notebooks, two-in-one/convertible notebooks and tablets and server and storage applications.

This apart, Toshiba will also demonstrate upcoming dual-port functionality of Z-Drive 6000 NVMe 2.5inch SSD series which provides two separate paths, offer data redundancy and eliminate single point failures.

“This session will focus on the high density demands of the storage market, as well as the keys to making competitive 3D memory storage solutions a reality,” said Shigeo (Jeff) Ohshima, technology executive, memory design and application engineering for Toshiba.

In April, Toshiba introduced new recordX call recording solution compatible with IPedge and Strata CIX business communication systems.

Also, Toshiba America Electronic Components added a new microcontroller (MCU), TMPM46BF10FG to ARM Cortex M4F processor.

Shilpa Khatri

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