Toshiba, Cisco to advance IoT

Toshiba and Cisco signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to advance Internet of Things (IoT).

As part of the strategy, Cisco Fog Computing network environment featuring Cisco’s security solution will be combined with Toshiba’s endpoint management technology.

The aim will be to assist monitor and maintain multiple devices, stream computing technology for information processing collected from devices, and provide storage technology to store information generated with M2M technology.


Cisco and Toshiba will explore the feasibility of technological verification, marketing activities, and the provision of solutions for promoting use of fog computing. The Internet of Everything creates need for fog computing, which stores and processes data at physical locations closer to devices and operations instead of handling processes in the cloud.

By combining cloud with the IoT, M2M, and fog computing, Toshiba will apply the Human Smart Community to a range of devices and spread it to manufacturing systems, traffic / transportation systems, and smart cities.

“The importance of fog computing is expected to increase for managing many devices in the cloud,” said Hironobu Nishikori, corporate senior vice president and president and CEO of Cloud & Solutions Company, Toshiba.

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