Top 10 IT predictions for manufacturing industry in 2013

Infotech Lead India: Top 10 IT predictions for the manufacturing industry in 2013 from IDC says IT delivers a digital thread for the product management process.

“Manufacturing companies are sitting on a record stockpile of cash and, provided near-term uncertainties are resolved, are looking at robust global markets beyond 2013,” said Robert Parker, group vice president, IDC Manufacturing Insights.

“Also, we are seeing a generational change at the executive levels across all segments. This new generation of manufacturing leadership will eschew stock buybacks and dividend increases in favor of longer term growth initiatives, many of which will have advanced technology at the core,” Parker added.


Prediction 1 – Business Productivity – The Next Wave Begins.

Prediction 2 – 4 Pillars Support the House of Productivity.

Prediction 3 – Resiliency Becomes a Priority for Manufacturers Looking to Master “Massive Multidimensionality.”

Prediction 4 – Manufacturing IT Organizations will have to Support a More Productive Operational Ecosystem.

Prediction 5 – Companies Recalibrate the Product Lifecycle Process.

Prediction 6 – IT Delivers a “Digital Thread” for the Product Management Process.

Prediction 7 – Service Excellence Becomes a Strategic Priority.

Prediction 8 – Technology Advancements Accelerate Service Excellence Initiatives.

Prediction 9 – People will be at the Center of the Factory of the Future.

Prediction 10 – Advanced Technologies will Emerge in Support of Operational Excellence Strategies.

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