TomTom and DAKO partnership combines fleet management with compliance

Infotech Lead Europe: TomTom Business Solutions, provider of fleet management solutions in Europe, has entered into a strategic partnership with DAKO, for regulatory work time and driving time compliance based on the use of tachographs.

DAKO, a European provider of solutions for regulatory worktime and driving time compliance based on the use of tachographs, will collaborate with TomTom to integrate fleet management and tachograph services. The partnership will consolidate TomTom’s position in the transportation industry by broadening the services it offers.

Both companies will continue to individually develop and launch their own products. TomTom will integrate the new capability into its IO27001 certified WEBFLEET platform.  TomTom Business Solutions’ WEBFLEET offerings will soon include the ability to download data remotely from a tachograph. This will be achieved using the standard in vehicle on-board unit TomTom LINK 510.

The company plans to launch a product for the remote-controlled download of tachograph data and its compliant data analysis and long term archiving during the second quarter of this year.

“We foresee the European regulations concerning working time and drivers’ hours taking on greater importance and possibly moving to the light commercial vehicle market,” said Thomas Schmidt, managing director of TomTom Business Solutions.

Schmidt said that TomTom aims to help businesses be compliant in the most cost-efficient way, with no disruptions to daily business. TomTom’s solutions will help their customers to manage their vehicles better while complying with both national and Europe-wide rules.

Thomas Becker, CEO of DAKO Group commented that the partnership will serve to demonstrate that regulatory compliance and the efficient operation of a fleet go hand-in-hand.

TomTom actively manages more than 250,000 vehicles with WEBFLEET and services more than 20,000 business clients.

Earlier this year, TomTom launched the WEBFLEET Logbook app for Android and iPhone to make it easier for drivers to keep an accurate log of their trips using their smartphone.

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