To secure BYOD, Bradford launches new version of Network Access Control solution


Tom Murphy, CMO of Bradford Networks


Infotech Lead America: Bradford Networks has launched Network Sentry 6.0, the new version of its Network Access Control (NAC) solution.

Bradford Networks claims that NAC enables secure BYOD environment for enterprise.

According to Bradford Networks, to balance the productivity gains of BYOD with the concerns around protecting sensitive data, Network Sentry 6.0 provides a foundation for enabling BYOD that empowers IT to discover, define and control how devices and users gain access to network resources.

Network Sentry 6.0 is designed to provide organizations with a foundation for a strong and secure bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy with new key features that focus on automation, enhanced platform coverage, and integration with leading security solutions.

“Implementing BYOD is key to our business strategy, and will help our students, faculty, staff and employees be more productive and further contribute to our business growth. The first step to a secure BYOD policy needs to be visibility and control over who and what is accessing our network at all times,” said Jonathan Domen, network manager, Bryant University.

“With its automated workflows, broad network infrastructure and mobile device coverage, and out-of-band architecture, Network Sentry 6.0 supports our existing network equipment and enables us to quickly and easily create a granular set of BYOD policies that are tailored to the specific roles within our organization,” Domen added.

EasyConnect for BYOD enables organizations to immediately and securely connect employee personal devices to corporate wireless networks. EasyConnect automatically sets device security configurations, encryption type and other critical BYOD security settings on the user’s device, enabling connectivity with little to no effort.

Moreover, Self-Service Onboarding Kiosk shifts the workload burden from IT to the end user by providing organizations with self-registration via an easy-to-use web portal. This new ‘sponsor approval’ option allows requests to be vetted by authorized internal sponsors prior to granting access, enabling greater security and internal accountability.

“Organizations are embracing BYOD but struggling to figure out the specific steps that are required to devise a relevant BYOD strategy. With its new automation, workflows, management and integration features, Network Sentry 6.0 enables companies to quickly and easily devise and implement a BYOD Blueprint that provides appropriate visibility and control across their network,” said Tom Murphy, CMO of Bradford Networks.

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