Lewis Group deploys Nasuni to provide fast access to corporate file

The Lewis Group of Companies has deployed Nasuni after replacing its private storage infrastructure. Nasuni will provide fast access to the corporate file share to Lewis’ 32 locations California and Nevada.

Earlier, Nasuni used a centralized hub-and-spoke infrastructure to provide files to all employees which was successful for central office.

The company said offices further ahead with slow LAN links faces problem because of slow access and another issue was disaster recovery.

According to the company, Nasuni resolved both the issues disaster recovery and data access.

Additionally, Lewis can store an infinite amount of snapshots of the storage infrastructure in multiple physical locations within the cloud.

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In addition, employees can access corporate file share directly from their iOS mobile devices using Nasuni’s mobile app.

“With Nasuni, all of our employees enjoy fast access to all files in the company file share, and aside from deploying a Nasuni Filer in each office, which was easy, we didn’t have to build out any additional infrastructure,” said Michael Viselli, IS project manager at the Lewis Group of Companies.

In February, Edelman selected the Nasuni Service to provide primary storage and data protection for all of the firm’s 68 global offices.

Shilpa Khatri

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