ThaiSri deploys Juniper’s AI-driven solutions for network infrastructure

Juniper Networks announced that ThaiSri, a leading insurer in Thailand, has selected Juniper Networks’ AI-driven solutions to upgrade and automate the management of its network infrastructure.
Juniper Networks for enterprise technologyThaiSri will utilize AI-driven network supplied by Juniper Networks to manage and orchestrate devices and services, substantially reducing complexity. This has enabled ThaiSri to deliver new applications and services to the market, while also significantly transforming the digital experience for its customers.

ThaiSri’s digital-first approach — without adding any additional staff or deploying any new physical infrastructure — has driven significant growth of its overall insurance premiums by 41 percent in 2019, having issued over 1.2 million policies for the year. ThaiSri made the decision to expand its IT capacity to keep up with current customer growth, while also provisioning for future demand.

Juniper Networks was selected for this network refresh, having grown alongside ThaiSri as an integral networking partner for over 10 years. With the upgrades completed by early 2020, ThaiSri was able to maintain a smooth transition to its new and expanded AI-driven network with almost no downtime.

Juniper Networks’ AI-Driven solutions have addressed ThaiSri’s fast-growing networking infrastructure demands, which have seen an exceptional increase this year.

The network refresh has bolstered the reliability of ThaiSri’s digital sales platform, accessed round-the-clock by its agents, brokers and company staff.

The EX4300 Switches are managed with Mist Wired Assurance, which leverages AI-powered automation that configures, troubleshoots and protects the company’s network while minimizing human errors and reducing bottlenecks.

Juniper Mist software provides a unified approach to managing a Juniper network infrastructure, providing IT administrators with a single plane of glass with real-time visibility across connected network devices and servers, all in a single dashboard.

With Virtual Chassis technology, up to ten interconnected EX4300 switches operate as a single logical device, reducing operational expenses and simplifying management.

“We are already reaping the benefits of the AI-driven network refresh, where increased workloads are executed without disruption,” said Teerawut Chanachote, system and technology manager, ThaiSri Insurance.

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