TeamViewer officially launches Version 8 featuring cloud-based administration

Infotech Lead U.S: TeamViewer, a leading provider of remote control and online meetings software, has launched TeamViewer 8 featuring TeamViewer Management Console, a cloud-based administration tool especially addressing the needs of corporate environments.

The highly anticipated upgrade expands client service capabilities and provides faster and easier performance for both remote control and online meetings sessions giving greater emphasis on accountability, stricter security guidelines and the need for central control of their TeamViewer user accounts.

The TeamViewer Management Console opens up completely new possibilities for support teams in companies large and small, according to the company. The new TeamViewer Management Console includes comprehensive user management, connection reporting of all sessions and browser-based single-click connections.

All employees within a company using TeamViewer for IT support services can be managed and controlled centrally over the web-based interface. IT support team can set up a company profile to manage the entire support team; set up, add or disable TeamViewer accounts of employees using TeamViewer for IT support; and get access to important  customer information anytime, anywhere, as groups of the Computers and Contacts list can be shared

Now the start and end times of all TeamViewer connections performed by a support team, whether done from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, browser-based or from a smartphone, will be automatically stored. A new comment function enables users to write comments immediately after each support session to better document the support services. Reports and comments make invoicing easier and more comprehensible for all supporters involved

The TeamViewer Management Console offers increased flexibility for IT supporters. Authentication credentials (ID and password) of important computers and contacts are always at hand, as supporters have browser-based access to their TeamViewer accounts anytime, anywhere. Remote connections can be started conveniently with a single-click directly from out of the browser-based TeamViewer Management Console.

TeamViewer 8 also brings an impressive set of new business tools for users of the remote control and online meetings software.  Key new developments include the ability to pass control of a remote session to another expert, local printing from a remote computer, and a deeper Microsoft Outlook integration for increased comfort with online meetings.

Other key advancements include the ability to handle remote sessions over easily “on-the-fly” from one expert to another, easy remote printing e.g. in your home office from your office computer, deeper integration of TeamViewer into Microsoft Outlook allows easy scheduling of online meetings directly in Microsoft Outlook, transmission of remote sound and real-time video to the local device. Video transmission is available exclusively in licensed connections, and enhanced session recording: now sound and video can be recorded for perfect documentation

TeamViewer 8 is compatible with Windows 8, supporting the specific Windows 8 commands (e.g. the Windows 8 charms bar) on a remote computer directly via the toolbar in the remote control window. From touch screen to touch screen users will experience the simple use of TeamViewer in Windows 8 with the help of modern Multi-Touch-gestures.

The TeamViewer 8 user interface now also supports the Retina display, enabling a crystal clear view on a Mac Book Pro. TeamViewer 8 provides a new system service functionality for Linux computers. With TeamViewer 8 Linux computers can be accessed remotely 24/7 including login, logout and system reboot – making it perfect for server maintenance and home office access.

TeamViewer 8 is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

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