TE Connectivity launches universal connectivity platform for data centers

Infotech Lead Asia: TE Connectivity has launched its universal connectivity platform (UCP), a modular cabling concept designed for speed and flexibility, facilitating data center migration from 1 to 100 GbE.

This is a new addition to its diverse range of infrastructure management solutions for the data center or local area network environment.

Supporting both copper and fiber component cabling, TE’s UCP delivers superior rack efficiency and is ideal for rapidly changing network communications infrastructure environments where space is at a premium.

“Rack space is always an issue in the data center or telecommunications closet. The universal connectivity platform helps alleviate space challenges through its modular design and impressive feature set,” said Brian Davis, senior product manager, fiber and copper connectivity solutions, at TE Enterprise Networks.

The UCP concept includes a broad range of TE components including: patch panels, subfloor panel and overhead panel mounts, pre-terminated links and adaptor modules. One common patch panel is used to accommodate both copper and fiber and can be installed within or outside the 19-inch envelope. Side-mounting brackets maximize usable space along the vertical posts of the rack system, while adaptive mounting brackets can be used strategically above and below the racks.

Features of UCP solution:

UCP patch panels
UCP drawer-style enclosures
Preterminated fiber and copper quick-fit cassettes: MPO and MRJ21 cabling system
UCP fiber quick-fit modules: LC fiber modules and MPO coupler
UCP copper quick-fit modules: SL series modules and blank modules
Zero rack unit accessories: quick-fit brackets, vertical patch panel brackets, raised floor panel mount kit and wire mesh cable tray panel mount kit

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