TE Connectivity launches MRJ21 XG pre-terminated copper cabling system delivering 10 GbE


Infotech Lead India: TE Connectivity has launched its new MRJ21 XG pre-terminated copper cabling system delivering 10 GbE.

The MRJ21 XG cabling solution helps facilitate management of data center rack and floor space, density and throughput while also capitalizing on its ease of deployment and fast installation rates.

“Due to the increasing penetration of 10GBASE-T switches and blades in the data center, the need to quickly deploy a 10 GbE copper system with minimal white space consumption has become critical,” said Kam Patel, business line manager of data center solutions at TE Enterprise Networks.

The MRJ21 XG copper cabling system offers a number of unique benefits that only TE’s MRJ21 product line can provide. The unique plug design supports four separate 10 GbE transmission channels over a single trunk cable, giving guaranteed throughput performance and fast installation. For higher density copper cross-connect applications, a fixed 48-port 1RU panel is available.

“Our customers have been asking for this. It’s like having a plug-n-play MRJ21 copper cable system but now for 10 Gb/s vs. 1 Gb/s. We believe this is a game-changer in the data center industry. Our MRJ21 XG solution is pre-terminated for faster installation, has a sleek and compact design for more efficient use of space, and a high density, multi-channel 10-gigabit connector interface that readies our customers for higher density line cards in the future,” Patel added.

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