TE Connectivity introduces new 24-fiber trunking and interconnect solution


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Infotech Lead India: TE Connectivity has introduced a new 24-fiber trunking and interconnect solution.

The new solution, according to TE Connectivity, will make transitioning from current 1000Base-T applications to 40 gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 100 GbE easy and cost-effective.

The 24-fiber trunking and interconnect solution offers data center managers a consistent fiber infrastructure over the next three generations of active equipment, easy migration to higher speeds, cost-benefits associated with a longer shelf life of the fiber cable, and higher utilization of the fiber investment.

In the data center, more bandwidth is needed to support the use of virtualization that consolidates multiple physical servers into a single instance to reduce the amount of equipment and improve space utilization. Business data traffic will grow 22 percent between 2011 and 20161 – with business video conferencing alone increasing six-fold.

“Our solution is a common sense approach for today’s data center. Network managers looking to deliver on the promise of high performance to their users and move to higher bandwidth and service levels to accommodate future applications and devices need to consider the superior economics and simplicity of our 24-fiber trunking and interconnect solution,” said Hutch Coburn, senior product manager of fiber solutions at TE Enterprise Networks.

“This solution provides a tremendous advantage for data center managers – specifically those in the healthcare, finance, government or broadcasting industries. The last thing anyone wants to face is not being able to support new and upcoming applications for their users or businesses due to bandwidth limitations. TE’s plug-and-play solution offers lower future capital and operating expense, defines a clear migration path that can begin today and ensures optimal asset utilization – minimizing dark fibers,” said Kam Patel, business line manager of data center solutions at TE Enterprise Networks.

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