TE Connectivity brings cable targeting VR solution providers

TE Connectivity’s line of virtual reality (VR) cable
TE Connectivity (TE) announced virtual reality (VR) cable assemblies that speed time to market and offer better performance.

VR solution providers can use TE’s cable assemblies for VR applications to get to market faster. TE can provide the entire cable assembly and high-speed receptacle, or just the plug modules if the cable is sourced from another supplier.

TE said the low-profile receptacle saves valuable printed control board (PCB) space in the headset, while the use of equalizers within the connectors on the cable assembly extends the reach of thin cable, keeping cable weight low.

TE’s VR cable assemblies are designed specifically for virtual reality applications and are proven to transmit signal without interruption. The solution uses an HDMI 1.4 connector and USB 3.0 connector, and offers an optional DC power supply. It supports speeds up to 8 Gbps, and the high-speed I/O receptacle can support even higher data rates (up to 40 Gbps), making future upgrades easy.

“Our standard VR cable assembly allows them to leverage common components to optimize engineering resources, minimize costs and speed time to market,” said Rick Yang, product manager at TE Connectivity.