TBWA Australia uses Quantum storage solution

Quantum storage infrastructure
TBWA Australia, an advertising and creative agency, is using a Quantum storage solution powered by StorNext to streamline content sharing.

Quantum storage solution powered by StorNext is expected to ensure content protection and cut administrative cost.

TBWA Australia is making investment in the Quantum storage solution because the growing demand for digital media production is outpacing its existing storage systems.

“Of the solutions we evaluated, only StorNext was capable of addressing our data protection and productivity requirements; every other solution would have demanded a great deal of manual intervention,” said Jaymz Hingert, regional IT manager at TBWA Australia.

Before deploying the Quantum storage platform, video editors at TBWA Australia worked on servers with direct-attached disk storage. This had impacted workflow efficiency and the security of content.

To bring content from existing assets into current work, TBWA Australia’s team members had to find the disk, mount it, locate the right files and then find enough space to restore the appropriate content back onto the local disk where they were building the new project.

This model complicated collaboration because editors could only share files by moving RAID arrays between servers or using flash drives, whether transferring the files across the office or between offices in different cities.

TBWA Australia worked on RAID arrays until they were full and then stored them on-site with rarely enough time for a real backup. Preservation of this growing store of client content was a significant concern because moving data off-site for disaster recovery (DR) protection wasn’t possible.

Quantum storage solution has made it easy for TBWA Australia to improve collaboration among editors, protect content and leverage direct access to archived data to speed reuse of existing assets.

The StorNext-powered system provides a dedicated SAN fabric, 48TB of high-performance disk, a Quantum Xcellis Workflow Director to manage data across different tiers, a StorNext AEL500 LTO archive and Quantum Q-Cloud off-site cloud storage.

Collaboration is easier and efficient because editors are able to see everything, no matter where it’s stored, through the same file system. LAN connections facilitate transmission of files between offices for faster, simpler sharing of content across the agency.

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