Tata Comm, iStreamPlanet offer linear streaming services

Infotech Lead India:  Tata Communications has signed a deal with iStreamPlanet to combine its existing global network of fiber and satellite services with iStreamPlanet’s live streaming video workflows to jointly offer clients better multiscreen, live linear streaming services. Under the agreement, both companies will work together to make the transport and distribution of live video content easier than ever.
Content providers are under constant pressure as viewers are increasingly demanding live streaming video experiences that get as close to watching TV and want the same experience delivered across multiple devices. The rapid adoption of connected devices and increasing penetration rates in emerging markets causes content providers to seek solutions that enable advanced media processing for multiple devices. They need extended video delivery networks to create new revenue opportunities.
Content providers of all sizes will now be able to take advantage of the growing demand for live streamingvideo on connected devices.
Tata Communications’ strength in acquisition and distribution of video for multiscreen OU (occasional use) such as sports events and live linear, coupled with iStreamPlanet’s expertise in streaming video will benefit media organizations.
Tata Communications’ global network architecture enables customers to transport high quality, live video feeds to iStreamPlanet’s live video workflow service from over 300 locations worldwide.
Tata Communications’ media services provides a range of innovative and efficient tools that allow media organisations to collaborate more effectively on content management and distribution, giving them the ability to deliver content to any part of the globe, on any device.
iStreamPlanet has helped NBCSports, Turner Broadcasting, Pac-12, AT&T and Microsoft to bring live online video to connected audiences around the world.
With the sales of tablets and smartphones on the rise, consumers are shifting from the TV to the mobile platform  to stream content exactly when, where and how they choose. Research company In-Stat estimates that the worldwide installed base of streaming media players will surpass 15 million by 2015.