Taiwan taps Polycom to reduce impact from deadly typhoon season

Taiwan tapped Polycom to reduce negative impact from deadly typhoon season.

In early July, government officials in Kaohsiung City completed the roll-out of Polycom RealPresence video network.

The Polycom network connects Kaohsiung City’s disaster prevention and response center with similar facilities in 38 districts throughout the city. The municipality of Kaohsiung, on Taiwan’s southwestern coast, is home to nearly 3 million people and covers more than 1,100 square miles.

Before Typhoon Soulik reached Taiwan, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu met face-to-face over Polycom video with disaster preparedness officials in the city’s 38 districts.

Polycom video solutions enabled Taiwan to prepare in advance.

“Local, regional, and national governments worldwide rely on Polycom solutions for disaster preparedness and emergency response,” said Steven Li, general manger of Greater China at Polycom.

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