Tablets, voice recognition and near field communication to top 2013 IT agenda: Symphony Teleca

Infotech Lead India: Symphony Teleca Corporation (STC), a services organization dedicated exclusively to helping clients manage the global convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices, predicts that tablets, voice recognition technologies and near field communications will top 2013 Information Technologies landscape.

“The year 2013 will see a fundamental reshaping in the way commercial software and software related products are built and deployed in a rapidly merging environment of the cloud, mobility and analytics,” said Andrew Till, senior vice president, Smartphones and Consumer Electronics, Symphony Teleca. Software manufacturers will move towards verticalization, building software for niche segments and specialized application areas.

“The Indian economy is irrevocably shifting from services to product engineering, with NFC and mobilization leading the trend, and Symphony Teleca being the largest dedicated player in this space, is confident of a propitious year ahead,” Till added.

In 2013, Symphony Teleca predicts the market will see the following shifts:

Computing Becomes Task-Centric

There will be a shift to task-centric computing as user interfaces become truly multi-modal and content, services and applications grow to be pervasive, moving with the user across device types.

UI Keeps Leaning Towards Voice, not Touch

There will be an increased emphasis on voice recognition enablement technologies such as ECNR as the next phase of UI is not keys or touch, but voice.

Consumers will Control their Digital Personas

Consumers will demand federated control of their identities across platforms and devices as they seek to manage their digital personas not just on their own devices but across all.

Mobile Continues to Drive Impulse Purchasing

There will be growth in the number of consumers using their mobile devices to perform impulse or opportunity-driven purchases. Retailers will create a simplified transaction process leveraging desktop account credentials. Dynamic analytics using in-memory databases will enable targeted promotions from retailers and other B2C companies on mobile devices.

An Industry of Digital Info-mediaries will Evolve

As companies look to leverage social media data, an industry of digital info-mediaries will evolve that can provide syndicated, individual consumer level data that is current and actionable.

NFC Has its Day

Near Field Communication (NFC) will reach a tipping point. A tremendous number of people will have devices with NFC (in addition to RIM, Nokia, Sony, Google and many others are now shipping with NFC) – a critical mass of NFC-equipped phones just may be coming together and it may find a home in the enterprise as well.

NFC Tags Will Enable Consumer Lifecycle Engagement

NFC tags on individual consumer products will allow companies to engage and maintain a relationship with individual consumers throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Consumers Start to Pick a Car for its Infotainment System, not its Horsepower

The auto industry will see a buying trend around infotainment capabilities and rear-seat features versus historic qualities of evaluation such as engine size or cabin room.

The Car Becomes the New Smartphone

The auto industry will realize that they’re facing the same challenges that phone and tablet developers faced in the last few years and will start to adopt similar approaches to their software development problems.

Tablets Become Workstations

There will be continued growth of tablet use in the enterprise as well as a more enterprise apps developed for tablets in particular. Companies will start to consider the devices and technologies necessary for increased collaboration where employees can not only access material via the tablet but can also use it as a mutual working station.

Homes Get Connected with Second Devices

There will be increased sales of the second-screen devices at home. Lower price point tablets like the iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy will see growth as families will only want to spend $300-$400 on a second tablet device for their home.

Same Platform, All Devices Becomes the New Normal

There will be a rise in the “all-screen strategy” – using the same platform across device categories, including TV sets.

ISVs Tap New Markets with Partners

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will see new profits generated from aggressively adapting their solutions for new markets. To do this ISVs will continue to work with innovation partners to reduce time to market including product ideation sessions.

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