Sutherland taps Globe Telecom for connectivity services

BPO major Sutherland Global Services has tapped Globe Telecom for both wired and wireless connectivity services.

As per the renewed deal, Sutherland will utilize both wired and wireless connectivity services as well as co-location on the telecommunications company’s world-class and state-of-the-art MK2 data center.

“We have entrusted our connectivity requirements to Globe Business as the major provider of internet services where most of our applications are routed,” said Sutherland’s Associate Vice President for Technology Michael Quiambao.

“Apart from our complete portfolio of products and services, our people are more than ready to go further to best serve our customers, not only in the outsourcing and offshore sector but with other industries as well. All things considered, it’s Globe Business’ ‘human technology’ that ultimately sets us apart,” said Nikko Acosta, head of Globe Business Enterprise Group.

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