Study reveals technologically modern workplace becoming necessary

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A recent study by Dell and Intel revealed changes in perception of employees in line with technological changes.

The 2016 Future Workforce Study, conducted by research firm PSB,   polled nearly 4,000 full-time employees from small, medium and large businesses in 10 countries.

Employees globally feel their offices are not advanced enough and desire an environment that uses data to make “smarter” decisions about employee habits like temperature, lighting, etc.

However, workers expect businesses to implement the latest technologies to make their offices smarter within the next five years.

“The workplace is reaching a tipping point. Today’s workers have a growing expectation that their employers integrate the latest technologies seamlessly and securely into their working lives,” said Allison Dew, vice president, global client solutions marketing, Dell.

Youngsters proved tech savvy once again, with 69 percent expecting their work atmosphere to become smart. That was the highest percentage of the employees studied.

The survey also threw up many clues about the consequences for not meeting these expectations,  with 42 percent saying they would quit a job with substandard technology and 82 percent saying workplace technology influences what role they would take.

With regard to the technology that is going to impact workplace, the survey participants said virtual reality and artificial intelligence could impact the workplace sooner than we think.

“Advanced technology and collaboration has significantly grown in importance, especially as millennials are entering the workforce,” said Julie Coppernoll McGee, vice president, global marketing and communications, Intel.

“A technologically modern workplace is necessary to create a productive, happy and capable workplace for everyone.”