Stratiteq selects Proact for updating storage infrastructure

Infotech Lead America: Stratiteq has selected Proact for updating its storage infrastructure and backup in the Proact cloud.

The new storage and backup capacity enable Stratiteq to increase data security and facilitate future testing and development. Proact will also deliver ongoing support.

The project for Stratiteq, a Swedish business and IT consultancy specialized in integrated solutions within CRM, business intelligence and portals, was initiated during the fall of 2012.

“We have selected Proact as our partner in this project as they have presented an effective and flexible solution which meets our demands, says Joakim Gustafsson, IT manager, Stratiteq.

Proact’s solution comprise of a new unit for primary storage with functions for deduplication of data and also safe and synchronized backup in Proact’s own cloud .This hybrid solution enables new opportunities for conducting tests and development without affecting the production environment, and at the same time optimize disc utilization.

“Stratiteq has an interesting operation completely depending on access and continuity in the storage and backup environment. The solution we have presented will provide Stratiteq with a more effective and powerful storage infrastructure. The level of data security will also increase significantly,” said Martin Odman, regional manager, Proact.

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