Storage Made Easy updates Enterprise File Fabric

Storage Made Easy (SME) announced a new release of the Enterprise File Fabric, which integrates File and Object Storage into a single platform accessible through a global file system.
Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric
The release focuses on remote working and cybersecurity, providing a combination of privacy and collaboration that works with a company’s existing file and object data sets.

Highlights of the new release

Strengthened Remote Working and Collaboration Capabilities:

The File Fabric’s SMB connector has been updated enabling SMB shares to no longer be restricted by boundaries of the office, facilitating cloud-like working with SMB shares without the need for VPN or VDI. The same technology works with Cloud based file systems such as Amazon FSx or Azure files.

A new feature called Jibe will monitor data that is added to a company’s file or object data estates directly. As the File Fabric does not lock customers into having to use it directly to access and work with data, Jibe is a mechanism to ensure that the File Fabric metadata is instantly updated as new files or objects are directly added.

This enables the File Fabric to analyze new data in near real-time, updating its ‘smart index’ immediately and enforcing security controls which include: taking immediate protective action on exposed PHI / PII data and make the data available to end users and other system workflows.

File Fabric has been integrated with Microsoft Teams to provide easy in-situ access through Teams for companies that have adopted this tool for remote working and collaboration. This reduces friction and increases productivity for remote Teams that use the File Fabric to access File or Object data and who ‘live in Teams’ during their working day.

Strengthened Media Capabilities:

M-Stream, the File Fabric’s file transfer acceleration technology, has been enhanced and certified with more file and object providers to offer a fast productivity enhancing experience for remote workers with limited consumer broadband speeds.

The File Fabric provides on-demand transcoding between a range of video file formats for customers using the File Fabric’s media and entertainment module.

Improved Data Compliance and DLP Capabilities:

The File Fabric’s Content Discovery module, which provides smart discovery of PHI / PII data, has been extended to include pre-defined template policies for CCPA and FINRA. The template policies are automatically applied to documents in real-time, on upload by end users.

The templates help enable automatic detection of personal information and protecting sensitive information wherever it is stored. Policies are extendable and companies can easily create their own templates as appertains to their own business domain.

Jim Liddle, Storage Made Easy CEO, said: “In today’s complex work environment, with many companies having employees that work from home, who have SMB file or object storage workflow requirements, the File Fabric can provide a single pane of glass for compliance, security, and employee productivity.”