Stock Exchange Thailand deploys Cisco data center architecture to increase operational flexibility

Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has deployed Cisco’s data center architecture to increase operational flexibility.

SET will benefit as it can improve its business operations and streamline its online trading platform.

SET used technology from Cisco to develop new models of trading, improve management, support service expansion and facilitate offerings to address changes in investors’ demands.

SET upgraded and strengthened its IT infrastructure with networking, data center and security solutions to boost global competitiveness of Thailand’s capital market.

Utilizing Cisco Unified Fabric technology to virtualize server interfaces and consolidate server traffic management, SET has significantly improved system performance and consolidated distributed data centers effectively.

In addition the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) helps SET improve its productivity, increase flexibility and quickly respond to the rapid changes of their business environment.

The integrated network in the SET data center comprises Cisco UCS B200 M3 Blade Servers installed in the Cisco UCS 5108 chassis and Cisco UCS 6248 UP fabric interconnects. Cisco fabric interconnects provide end-to-end connectivity and management for blade servers, improving the efficiency of LAN for blade servers, data storage and retrieval through Cisco Nexus 5548 Switches.

SET virtualization will be centrally managed from a single console with Cisco UCS Manager, allowing IT staff to easily deploy, monitor and manage hardware, software and other components of virtualized systems.

Vatsun Thirapatarapong, managing director for Cisco in Thailand and Indochina, said: “By standardizing on a set of IT services available from a pool of shared resources, with self-service automated provisioning, customers can streamline their operations and spend more of their time and money on innovations within IT.”

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