State of Michigan taps EMC for IT services delivery

Infotech Lead America: The State of Michigan has selected EMC for leveraging storage, software and professional services for IT services transformation.

The State of Michigan said a new IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) model will enable better partnership with agencies to provide service catalogs with defined rate structures.

EMC is helping the State of Michigan provide even greater responsiveness to the fast-changing needs of its agencies and citizens, improving the quality of online services for Michigan residents and dramatically reducing IT capital and operational expenditures.

“We are creating a much more satisfying, one-stop shopping experience for our citizens. Residents can now renew their driver’s license, register to vote or even start a new business through the convenience of a web portal. We’ve eliminated the inconvenience of waiting in long lines and making multiple trips to different offices,” said Vern Klassen, director of Technical Services, State of Michigan.

The State has increased the performance of its critical Human Services application by 20 percent, improving service to users while extending the value of its storage investments.

The IT transformation enabled the State’s IT organization to offer an array of services online, such as motor vehicle registration and child support services, providing citizens with a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

The State is now able to partner with agencies to identify their needs and provide service catalogs with defined rate structures that make it easier for agencies to shop for services with its new IT-as-a-Service model.

“Because we’ve become more efficient by virtualizing, consolidating and deploying deduplication, the number of people to support our systems has remained unchanged even though our storage has grown by 25 percent annually over the past five years. With EMC technologies, we are able to deliver tiered levels of availability and performance that match the performance and cost requirements from each agency,” said Rick Hoffman, storage manager, State of Michigan.


“Not only are we meeting the service demands of our clients, but able to get more horsepower from our storage investments and ultimately save on long-term expenditures. For example, EMC’s FAST VP and FAST Cache has increased the performance of our critical Human Services application by 20 percent,” Hoffman added.

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