Sprint expands BYOD management solution

Infotech Lead America: Sprint’s BYOD Management offer now includes a secure enterprise-ready solution using Bluefish MGMT powered by MOBI.

As an increasing number of employees have started using more of their personal devices to access corporate information in and out of the office, organizations need a BYOD solution such as the one offered by AirWatch, which enables enterprises to separate the corporate data from the personal data.

Such a measure protects the integrity of the corporate data while ensuring that the employee’s personal data and family photos will not need to be wiped.

By adhering to the enterprise specific mobile policy, employees can access data and enterprises while keeping corporate information secure.

Bluefish’s technology and managed service offering offers  enterprises  a single solution to manage, secure, and support their BYOD lines, irrespective of their wireless carrier, device type or operating system.

According to a 2013 mobile enterprise report released by iPass and MobileIron, about 57 percent of IT managers worry about rising mobility costs and feel loss of control over BYOD.

Realizing that many enterprises struggle to make sense of the plethora of offerings and choose a BYOD solution that is ideal for their organization, Bluefish MGMT worked with AirWatch to deliver a comprehensive bundled solution that enterprises will find easy to use.

According to Steve Haddock, director of Bluefish MGMT, customers are now beginning to see and experience firsthand that migrating to BYOD from a traditional corporate liable program may not guarantee cost savings or reduce support on their IT departments. MGMT offers stipend management and the corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE) program.

Last month, AirWatch announced a partnership with Telstra Australia to bundle Mobile Device Management (MDM) with voice and data services forming T-MDM (Telstra Mobile Device Management).

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