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Splunk buys network performance monitoring firm Flowmill

Splunk announced it has agreed to acquire Flowmill, a Palo-Alto based network performance monitoring (NPM).
Splunk acquisition
The acquisition is expected to close during Splunk’s fiscal fourth quarter, subject to customary closing conditions.

The acquisition of Flowmill will enable Splunk to expand its existing observability capabilities. Flowmill’s innovative NPM solution provides real-time observability into network behavior and performance of distributed cloud applications, leveraging Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technologies.

Tim Tully, chief technology officer of Splunk, said: “We will bring Flowmill’s visionary NPM technology into our Observability Suite as Splunk continues to deliver observability capabilities to our customers.”

eBPF enables visibility into interactions between applications, networks and other infrastructure elements. In order to leverage eBPF, systems must be equipped to efficiently collect, integrate, and store high data volumes produced by a large distribution system.

“Flowmill’s approach to building systems that support full-fidelity, real-time, high-cardinality ingestions and analysis aligns well with Splunk’s vision for observability,” said Jonathan Perry, founder and CEO, Flowmill.

Splunk’s recent acquisitions include Plumbr and Rigor, giving customers the ability to address every application performance monitoring (APM), digital enterprise monitoring (DEM) and NPM need across all types of applications and infrastructures.

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