Sony Creative launches new online media sharing service in the U.S

Infotech Lead America: Sony Creative Software, a provider of video and audio editing applications, has launched Pixelcast, a new online media sharing service.

Videos can also be uploaded directly to from within the newly upgraded Movie Studio Platinum 12 software, making it easier than ever for users to share creations with others.

Pixelcast, a U.S. only service, is currently available at

The company is offering several packages.

As per Free Account, there will be limited Pixelcast functionality with 500 MB storage space.

The Plus Account is package is priced at $49.95 with full Pixelcast functionality with 5 GB of storage space.

Sony is also offering Premium Account for a price of $69.95 with full Pixelcast functionality with 10 GB of storage space.

“It’s not unusual for photos from a family event to become scattered across multiple social sites, computers, or even e-mails. Pixelcast offers a new solution by enabling users to interact and collaborate with one another to create jointly-produced albums, or experiences. Collaboration is only part of the fun. Pixelcast also ensures that photos and videos uploaded to an experience can only be accessed by someone who is invited to view, edit, or contribute to it,” said Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative Software.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Pixelcast as a new service for our users to create unique experiences to share and collaborate with friends and family. Check out the introductory video at for information on uploading and sharing to the Pixelcast cloud and, while you’re there, give the service a try by signing up for a free account,” Chaimson added.

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