SK Hynix starts mass-production of HBM2E DRAM

SK Hynix has started the mass-production of HBM2E DRAM.
SK hynix employees posing for the commemorative photo celebrating the mass-production of HBM2ESK Hynix’s HBM2E supports over 460GB per second with 1,024 I/Os (Inputs/Outputs) based on the 3.6Gbps speed performance per pin. It is the fastest DRAM solution in the industry, being able to transmit 124 FHD movies (3.7GB each) per second.

The density is 16GB by vertically stacking eight 16Gb chips through TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology, and it is more than doubled from the previous generation (HBM2).

HBM2E is an optimal memory solution for the next-generation AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems including Deep Learning Accelerator and High-Performance Computing, which all require high-level computing performance.

It is expected to be applied to the Exascale supercomputer – a high-performance computing system which can perform calculations a quintillion times per second – that will lead the research of next-generation basic and applied science, such as climate changes, bio-medics, and space exploration.

“SK hynix has been in the forefront of technology innovation that contributes to human civilization with achievements including the world’s first development of HBM products,” said Jonghoon Oh, chief marketing officer at SK Hynix.