Shanghai PPDAI overhauls credit lending platform With NetApp


China’s Shanghai PPDAI Financial Information Service company transformed its IT infrastructure with NetApp solutions.

Founded in June 2007, Shanghai PPDAI Financial Information Service is the first online credit lending platform authorized by the Chinese government. It has over 16 million registered users.

“As the first pure-credit-based unsecured Internet financing platform in China, we needed a solution that would support our exponential growth and protect critical customer data while keeping cost down,” said Zhenya Luo, PPDAI IT manager.

PPDAI’s production systems, including its core database and virtualization applications, ran on NetApp FAS2552 storage systems with spinning hard disks with up to 8,000 IOPS.

With continuing business growth anticipated and storage performance expected to reach 50,000 to 100,000 IOPS,  PPDAI decided to overhaul its  IT infra structure.

PPDAI selected NetApp to provide flash-based platform that included pairing NetApp All Flash FAS AFF8020 with NetApp Snap technologies.

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