Server DRAM price to grow 4% supporting server demand in China

The price of server DRAM will increase due to anticipated growth in server demand from China in Q2 2018, says TrendForce.

The expected increase in server DRAM price will be 4 percent in Q1 2018 as compared with Q4 2017.
Server DIMM shipment
Mark Liu, senior analyst at DRAMeXchange, said the annual global server shipment will keep single-digit growth this year. The growth in Chinese server market in Q2 2018 be 20 percent.

Server DRAM suppliers offer favorable contract prices in response to transition into new platform and high-density modules.

Top three DRAM suppliers will flexibly adjust their product mixes, and put 16GB mono die into mass production in H2 2018.

The conditions of supply chain point out that cloud computing and cloud storage are the focus of market in recent years. The server industry is growing due to the popularity of smart end-devices and the demand for enterprise servers.

Top DRAM suppliers will increase the proportion of advanced processes in output in H2 2018, which will improve cost structure and high-density module’s adoption rate.

Korean DRAM manufacturers plan to produce high-density 16GB mono die in the third quarter, with the goal to effectively increase the penetration rate of modules with density above 64GB.

In H2 2018, the mainstream process of Server DRAM will gradually shift to 17nm and 18nm node. The increasing proportion of high-density chips and improvement in cost structure will accelerate the speed of transition into high-density modules.

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