Seagate updates ClusterStor Lustre storage architecture


Seagate Technology launched new version of the ClusterStor Lustre storage architecture, the ClusterStor L300.

The company noted that the L300 delivers up to 112 gigabytes-per-second (GB/sec) throughput per rack when integrated with Seagate’s newly launched ClusterStor HPC drives. This marks a performance improvement of 77 percent compared to previous ClusterStor systems.

According to Seagate, this level of performance density per rack unit helps customers reduce data center space, power and cooling costs while simplifying management and equipment requirements.

Additionally, the solution optimizes random and sequential I/O workloads across the entire storage cluster, improving workflow productivity. Seagate ClusterStor L300 will be available in calendar Q1 2016.

With regard to the ClusterStor HPC Drive, Seagate said the drive alone supports up to four terabytes in a single drive slot with the highest sequential data rate of any hard disk drive on the market at 300 megabytes-per-second.

It produces 35 percent faster random performance than any other 3.5-inch drive, and is backed by a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of two million hours, making it ideal for the data ingest, access and reliability needs in today’s toughest HPC environments.

Further, the L300 also supports next-generation networks built for Exascale computing, including Intel’s Omni-Path and the Mellanox EDR 100Gb/s Infiniband.

Seagate added that the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission intends to use ClusterStor L300 for its next-generation supercomputer. A key component of its defense simulation program (DAM), the supercomputer will have a computation capacity of 25-petaflops and 20 times lower electricity consumption than its predecessor.

Also on Tuesday, Seagate Technology introduced the Seagate ClusterStor G200 Spectrum Scale, high performance computing class storage solution to help data-driven enterprises manage massive storage growth.

The G200 integrates with Seagate’s new 3.5-inch ClusterStor HPC drive specifically designed for the HPC market.

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