Seagate re-brands products as Guardian

US-based American data storage company Seagate Technologies has rebranded its product line as ‘The Guardian Series’.

The hard disk drive (HDD) which was sold under the name of “BarraCuda” is now back with “IronWolf” and “SkyHawk”. All the three are meant for different kinds of drive usage.

“With the re-launch of ‘BarraCuda’ and a bigger portfolio, Seagate now has drives that are specifically designed for different kinds of usage such as compute and gaming, network attached storage (NAS), redundant array of independent disks (RAID) and surveillance,” a company statement said.

The three verticals — BarraCuda, IronWolf and SkyHawk — are named with the strategy to help customers remember the products and also make it easy for them to differentiate between their usages.

The new line of products are represented with interesting portfolios to bring out the idea of progressive technology.


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