Seagate NAS priced at $299 and Seagate NAS Pro at $399 for SMBs

Seagate Technology announced the launch of Networked Attached Storage (NAS) solutions — Seagate NAS and Seagate NAS Pro — for small businesses (SMBs).

The price of Seagate NAS is $299.99 for the two-bay 2TB and $649.99 for the two-bay 10TB version. The price for four-bay configuration is $599 for 4TB to 1,499.99 for 20TB.

Seagate NAS Pro range includes two-, four- and six-bay models from 2TB for $399.99 to 30TB capacities for $2499.99. Outfitted with an Intel dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM, the NAS Pro delivers the performance expected in a small office environment made up of 50 employees.

Seagate NAS Pro

Seagate also announced NAS OS 4, a new intuitive operating system, together with hardware specifically designed for small businesses without dedicated IT resources.

With a redesigned Device Manager, users can manage preferences and configure settings from a single location.

“We understand that today’s small businesses can benefit from a storage solution that is easy to manage and provides 24/7 secure access to the information that drives their businesses,” said Scott Horn, vice president of global marketing at Seagate.

With a Marvel Dual core 1.2GHz processor and 512MB of RAM, Seagate NAS is designed to address the storage needs of small office and home offices with up to 25 employees.

Seagate NAS Pro is one of the first products to debut Intel’s dual-core 1.7GHz C2000 Series processor, which is designed to perform well in multi-user and multi-dimensional environments.

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