Seagate kicks off Storage Products Association (SPA)

Seagate Technology has co-founded the Storage Products Association (SPA).

The new forum is designed to educate consumers and professionals alike about the critical role hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) technologies plays in digital age.

Storage Product Association is expected to assist storage manufacturers and consumers to understand the pivotal role that storage offerings such as HDD and SSHD technologies play in an effective storage mix for consumer and business environments.

The market for storage continues to grow at an explosive rate with estimates now predicting that by 2020 demand will reach 6 zettabytes annually.

“As the purveyor of the broadest storage portfolio in the industry, Seagate is committed to sharing the benefits of storage technologies and the right storage mix for consumer and enterprise needs,” said Jeff Burke, Seagate vice president of strategic marketing and research.

SPA will be informing customers, partners, members and users about current storage offerings.

It will also provide balanced information to the marketplace about cutting-edge storage technologies such as shingle magnetic recording and heat-assisted magnetic recording.

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