Saregama uses Dell EMC storage to enhance digital media biz

dell-emc-worldSaregama India, an Indian music label and television content producer, has implemented Dell EMC Isilon storage to accelerate production and distribution of its digital media business.

Dell EMC said that Saregama is utilizing Isilon’s SnapshotIQ technology to make low-impact and user-recoverable data backups in order to ensure business continuity. Isilon InsightIQ, a monitoring and reporting tool, helps maximize performance.

Isilon will assist Saregama India to consolidate data into a single location to ensure security and easy and quick availability through access from a single volume. Dell EMC has also simplified cataloging and distribution to partners and online platforms.

The single 4-node Isilon X-Series cluster provides 144 terabytes of raw data storage capacity. This apart, Saragema India employees can experience high performance systems to improve productivity for production and distribution of its digital content.

Dell EMC said Isilon has helped the company to be compliant with its own business continuity plans.

“Our data was previously stored in multiple locations. As part our digitization project, we wanted to consolidate all data into a single, mappable location so it was easily discoverable and able to be used by different departments within the company,” said Yazad Anklesaria, deputy general manager of Technology and IT, Saregama.

“Isilon storage will help ensure continuation of Saregama India’s IT transformation process and at the same time will help the company to optimize its content processing, cataloging, searching and distribution,” said Amit Mehta, director – Sales, Emerging Technology Storage Division at DELL EMC, in a statement.

Meanwhile, Dell EMC announced the integration of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with its converged infrastructure portfolio.  The development is expected to deliver increased choice, wider use cases, lower entry price points, and improved all-flash economics for its customers.

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