Sapient launches mobile app for U.S. Department of Commerce

Infotech Lead America: Sapient Government Services announced the launch of mobile application called America’s Economy. The mobile app launched by the U.S. Department of Commerce provides real-time information on key economic indicators.

Sapient has a three-year mobile application development contract with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau.

Sapient said the mobile app brings together economic data directly from the source at the U.S. Census Bureau, along with additional indicators from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis, to enable economic forecasts development, market research and financial-decision making.

The U.S. Census Bureau serves as the authoritative source of comprehensive data used to assess the changing demographic landscape of the United States. The information is critical to informing decisions across local, state and federal government agencies, including policy and resource allocation.

The information is also used in the private sector to inform strategic commercial investments and by the public to make decisions that impact all areas of life — from education and employment to retirement.

“Today’s launch is part of our continued efforts to help agencies embrace emerging technologies and understand consumer behavior to improve citizens’ access to critical information and services, as well as boost agency effectiveness and responsiveness,” said Teresa Bozzelli, president, Sapient Government Services.

The America’s Economy app is available for download now via the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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