SAP Labs creates mobile application for Bengaluru Football Club

SAP Labs India has created a mobile application for Bengaluru Football Club (BFC) to unify the club’s growing fan base on social media.

The mobile application allows for superior fan engagement through social network activities and communities, match day experience sharing, group discounts, news and updates, and real time visualization, said SAP India.

BFC Facebook has more than 61,000 likes and Twitter has 7500 followers. The new mobile app, developed ahead of BFC’s second campaign in the I-League, which kicks off on January, 17, 2015, is expected to create more fan engagement.

“Partnering with SAP, which provides software solutions, will deepen the connect and engagement with our growing fan-base,” said Mustafa Ghouse, COO of Bengaluru FC.


Users of the BFC customized mobile application will have intuitive card based content staging and easy navigation through and within sections. Fans also receive context relevant news and updates.

Some features of the app include Swarm, a real time visualization of how fans converge towards the stadium or other hangouts, including Arbor Brewing Company, the home pub for the season; and Share-a-Ride which allows fans to carpool to the stadium on game day.

Some of the clients of SAP in the field of sports include German Football Association, International Cricket Council (ICC), TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Women’s Tennis Association, National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) among others.

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