SAP collaborates on Internet of Things research projects

SAP has initiated two projects as part of its commitment to making the Internet of Things a real, repeatable and scalable business opportunity for enterprise customers.

The company has partnered with University of Guelph on a research project designed to demonstrate how use of sensors for data collection increases energy efficiency benefits of green roofs while reducing maintenance and costs for building owners.

SAP is also working with SK Solutions, a provider of anti-collision software, to create an innovative system to help engineering and construction companies improve the management of collision avoidance and make critical information available in real time.

According to SAP, the next wave of competitive advantage will come from the ability to derive intelligence from sensor-generated data, and to deliver resulting insights to the right hands at the right time with the right context.


Companies require end-to-end “Systems of Things” comprised of machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, cloud enablement, device management, Big Data management, complex event processing, predictive analytics and apps.

The emerging ubiquity of intelligent devices in both consumer and industrial settings is changing the landscape of what is possible. It not only opens up instant visibility to what is happening at the edges of operations, but also allows organizations to combine Big Data with predictive analytics to create real-time insight when and where it is needed.

Business leaders who succeed in harnessing power of the ‘Internet of Things’ to transform organizational operations and create new avenues for growth and profits will lead in the marketplace, SAP said.

SAP has built two green roofs as part of an ongoing collaboration with the University of Guelph in Canada that aims to install several hundred-thousand square feet of sensor-based green roofing on a variety of building types.

The green roofing system will also collect data such as moisture content, run-off composition, fire detection, temperature and light levels to provide real-time monitoring, which will enable building managers to check the status of roof performance without climbing up to the roof.

Building managers and home owners will be able to access the information through the Web or mobile applications and will even be able to monitor and control their roofs remotely.

SAP is working with SK Solutions on a joint project at a construction site in Dubai to help enhance worker safety, improve productivity and reduce costs through the use of sensor-based data to prevent cranes and construction vehicles from colliding.

The collaboration aims to create an innovative system to help engineering and construction companies to gather actionable data from mobile field workers, equipment and operational processes.

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