Sanovi Technologies selects RAH InfoTech as its national distributor

Infotech Lead Asia:Sanovi Technologies, an independent software vendor founded in 2002, has announced RAH InfoTech as its national distributor for India and SAARC. With this alliance, RAH InfoTech will now be authorized to distribute the entire range of Disaster Recovery Management solutions.Sanovi Technologies offers a suite of software products and solutions in the IT Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) space. Sanovi’s flagship DRM product enables organizations to ensure that their IT applications recover predictably in a disaster scenario to meet the required recovery goals.

Ashis Guha, Sanovi’s president of Global Sales said, “With RAH InfoTech’s extensive network, credentials and industry experience, we would look to significantly expand our coverage of the market to enhance Sanovi’s leadership in the DRM space by providing the best in class solutions for effective DR management through RAH to their extended partner network as well as customers.”

The company will also be launching training programs for and marketing initiatives with RAH InfoTech shortly.

Sanovi has its corporate headquarters in Bangalore, with sales and service offices across India, Dubai, and South Korea. Today, more than 85 large enterprises, including several Fortune 500 clients, use Sanovi products to manage their DR programs. Sanovi solutions are available directly and also through several partners including HP, IBM, HCL, TCS, GBM and Wipro Technologies.

“Traditional DR solutions are bogged down by a number of core issues, like complexity, heterogeneous technologies, manual processes, non-standard solutions, and custom scripts. Sanovi’s solution tackles the DR challenge with a life-cycle approach,” said Ashok Kumar, CEO, RAH InfoTech.

“This approach recognizes that every DR solution must be provisioned as per industry best practices, monitored to ensure the solution meets recovery metrics and it is this sophisticated approach RAH InfoTech wants to offer to its partners and customers,” Kumar added.

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