SanDisk unveils CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II SATA SSD

SanDisk Corporation has expanded its portfolio of cloud-focused flash solution with the launch of CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II SATA SSD for cloud service provider (CSP) and software designed storage (SDS) vendor environments.

The new CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II SATA SSD offers up to 1.6TB of usage capacity while providing storage performance and density needed for mixed-use, latency-sensitive transactional workloads.

The company said newly launched SATA SSD serves up to 32,000 4K write IOPS with 530MB/sec throughput and an 80 microseconds random read write latency.

In addition CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II delivers performance at $0.04 per IOPS versus $3.50 per IOPS inherent with conventional SATA HDDs.

According to SanDisk, CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II delivers price/performance ratio and unparalleled latency-sensitive workload performance for cloud elasticity to meet cloud-capacity needs.

Company officials said new SATA SSD includes Guardian Technology Platform to provide error correction and detection technology, full data path protection and data fail recovery.

CloudSpeed Ultra Gen. II SATA SSD

CSP and SDS companies can provide customer experience while reducing the number of servers and software licenses needed to support transaction and analytical databases with CloudSpeed Ultra Gen II.

“The demand of transaction-oriented applications puts tremendous strain on our cloud service provider customers to architect data center platforms capable of delivering high performance, while keeping infrastructure costs in check,” said John Scaramuzzo, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Storage Solutions, SanDisk.

Last month, SanDisk unveiled the new iNAND 7232 storage solution, a new, advanced embedded flash drive (EFD) designed for mobile devices.

In June, SanDisk announced its new CloudSpeed Eco Gen II SATA SSD, a storage device for cloud service providers with up to 2TB capacity to deliver storage density with 3x the streaming bandwidth vs. hard disk drives (HDDs).

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