SanDisk supports all-flash VMware Virtual SAN 6 architecture

Enterprise flash storage vendor SanDisk today announced support for all-flash VMware Virtual SAN 6 architecture for applications and databases.

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Deployed at entry-level as a 4-node cluster that can scale up to a total of 64 nodes, the new server design empowers vital business applications, such as database transaction processing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) applications, to perform more than two million transactions per minute (TPM).

This new Virtual SAN 6 architecture leverages SanDisk Lightning Gen. II 12Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSDs and CloudSpeed SATA SSDs to provide the cache and persistent storage tiers required for application performance.

SanDisk Showcases All-Flash VMware Virtual SAN 6 Architecture

The all-flash VMware Virtual SAN 6 architecture helps increase business agility and productivity by enabling IT to provision services faster, increase user satisfaction and disaster recovery service levels for business critical applications.

Customers can reduce capital expenditures by avoiding the purchase of additional storage resources to accommodate peak workloads. It also reduces points of failure by simplifying data center storage infrastructure, which eases system management and reduces operational expenses.

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