Sandisk InfiniFlash all Flash storage offers to cut costs to $2 per gigabyte

Sandisk unveiled its sanDisk InfiniFlash storage platform that aims to bring enterprise costs down to $1 to $2 per gigabyte.

The focus of Sandisk’s InfiniFlash storage will be InfiniFlash enterprise and hyperscale workloads including Big Data Analytics, Content Repositories and Media Streaming. It is promising reduction in data center complexity and costs.

Market research agency IDC says the market for flash based arrays — both all Flash Array (AFA) and Hybrid Flash Array (HFA) – grew in double digits over the past five years and reached over $11.3 billion in size in 2014.

The InfiniFlash provides 5 times the density, 50 times the performance and 4 times the reliability all while consuming 80 percent less power than a standard HDD array.

SanDisk Creates New Storage Category With InfiniFlash All-Flash Storage System

InfiniFlash’s delivers half a petabyte in capacity. It is configures with hot swappable cards.

InfiniFlash modular storage design supports various operating system and storage stack offerings and can be connected with up to eight off the shelf servers. It includes SanDisk ION Accelerator software Stack for block storage applications. InfiniFlash utilizes the flash intelligent and open source CEPH to deliver enterprise class data service.

These offerings include development libraries and a software development kit that allows customers to optimize applications for use with the system in order to obtain better performance, efficiency and TCO.

InfiniFlash is available in three different configurations (IF 100, IF 500 and IF 700). SanDisk continues to work with its OEM partners to bring innovation flash solutions to market.

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