SanDisk FlashSoft software promises 14X increase in application performance

SanDisk today announced the latest version of its FlashSoft caching software.

SanDisk said that the new version of FlashSoft software increases application performance by over 14X compared to a baseline storage array comprised of HDDs. Storage latency was also significantly decreased, with application response times improving by more than 22X.

SanDisk said its FlashSoft caching software will be available in new bundled offerings that package the software with SanDisk’s enterprise flash hardware solutions, including Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators, Optimus Ascend SAS solid-state drive (SSD), and CloudSpeed Ascend SATA SSD.

SanDisk Enhances FlashSoft Caching Software Portfolio

The company said FlashSoft software reduces I/O latency in VMware vSphere, Windows Server and Linux environments through the use of server-side, flash-based storage caching, which helps increase application performance in both virtualized and non-virtualized computing environments.

FlashSoft software enables that data to be read and written more efficiently by utilizing server-attached flash storage as an intermediate cache for an application’s most frequently accessed data, said SanDisk. The software increases performance while reducing storage area network (SAN) overhead – offering better return on investment (ROI), reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) for their data center.

Applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and applications based on databases, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle will see significant performance increases through the use of the FlashSoft software.

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