Samsung brings new SSDs for SMB customers

Samsung Electronics America has introduced Data Center solid-state drive (SSD) targeting SMBs.
SamsungSamsung’s new Data Center SSD solutions consist of the 860 DCT, 883 DCT, 983 DCT and the 983 ZET

Samsung’s Data Center SSD for SMBs offers more efficiency compared to legacy storage systems, requiring fewer servers and reduced power and cooling for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Reduction in latency and lower data delays are the other benefits for SMBs.

“Samsung’s Data Center SSD provides SMBs with a future-proof lineup to fit their unique business needs in the incredibly diverse market,” said Richard Leonarz, director of product marketing for Samsung Electronics.

The 860 DCT — designed for servers requiring SSD-levels of sustained performance — is suitable for read-intensive workloads. It allows for a lower TCO compared to hard disk drives (HDDs) and offers capacities up to 3.84 TB. The 860 DCT is suitable for content delivery network systems and comes with a 0.20 DWPD rating.

The 883 DCT — designed for servers to safeguard data, including power loss protection and data protection — will be available in capacities ranging from 240GB up to 3.84TB at a 0.8 DWPD rating.

The 983 DCT solution for servers using an NVMe interface comes in two form factors – U.2 and M.2 – and will deliver sequential read/write speeds of up to 3,000/1,900 MB/s (U.2) and 3,000/1,400 MB/s (M.2). The 983 DCT is ideal for real-time big data analytics applications and comes with a 0.8 DWPD rating.

The 983 ZET cache memory solution offers low latency, high QoS, breakthrough speeds and high reliability. It is the perfect storage solution for NoSQL DB such as application workload case, and it comes with a 10 DWPD rating.

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