Ruckus Wireless expands offerings for small businesses

Ruckus wireless

Ruckus Wireless announced a new, entry-level 802.11ac access point along with expansion and enhancement of its family of Ruckus Unleashed access points.

The company said the new products and capabilities will make the deployment of high-performance Wi-Fi easier for small businesses.

It announced three new products, which expand the range of high-performance Wi-Fi options available to small businesses. Those are – Ruckus ZoneFlex R310, Ruckus ZoneFlex R310 Unleashed and Ruckus ZoneFlex T300.

“Our new products help level the playing field for small businesses, local retailers, coffee shops and restaurants, so they can deliver a high-quality Wi-Fi experience indoors and outdoors – with a much lower total cost of ownership,”  said Kash Shaikh, vice president of marketing and business development at Ruckus.

In conjunction with the new access points, Ruckus Unleashed has added new features to simplify management of controller-less Wi-Fi networks.

Ruckus introduced its patented SmartMesh technology to Unleashed. With SmartMesh, the company said, small businesses no longer have to run Ethernet wiring to all indoor and outdoor access points.

Unleashed can manage up to 25 access points as part of a single-site network. The company noted that businesses can easily plug and play more Wi-Fi access points as their needs grow – and if multiple sites are needed, Ruckus offers an easy migration path to controller-based Wi-Fi, using the same access points.

Ruckus Unleashed will now be available with three indoor access points – ZoneFlex R310 for $495,  ZoneFlex R500 for $645 and ZoneFlex R600 for $795.

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